Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

The ninjutsu ryu of the Togakure family was not formalised until three generations after Daisuke Togakure began to develop it. Allied with a clan that was defeated in a series of battles against superior forces, Daisuke lost all, including his samurai status, and escaped to the mountain wilderness south east of Kyoto. Wandering among the pine forests and marshes of the Ku Peninsula in A.D. 1162, he met the warrior monk Kain Doshi, who had fled to Japan from the political and military upheaval in China. There in the mountain caves of Iga Province (within present day Mie Prefecture), Daisuke studied with this mystic, learning new concepts of warfare and personal accomplishment based on Chinese and Tibetan ideas about the order of the universe. Daisuke was taught the practical applications of the balance of the elements in diet, in combat, in thought and emotion, and in utilising the forces and cycles of nature to his advantage. Thus, away from the limiting conventions of samurai conduct that he had never thought to question, He discovered a completely new way of working his will. It was DaisUkes descendants that developed and refined these notions into the Togakure ryu of ninjutsu, and came to be called by the name ninja. The Togakure-ryu"s secret was the shuko, a spiked iron band worn around the hand, enabling the ninja to stop sword blades or climb trees and walls like a cat. Another device utilised by the Tokakure ninja was the tetsubishi, a small spiked weapon used to slow pursuers or protect doorways. Made with spikes sticking out in all directions, the tetsubishi were scattered on the ground to be stepped on by the unsuspecting. They also used and kept secret the use of the senban shuriken or four pointed throwing star, originally made from a metal building washer, it looked so innocuous as to be ignored by samurai soldiers. Most important to our training today is the Togakure ryu ninpo taijutsu, or unarmed methods of moving the body with subtle rather than forceful movements which controls the actions of the attacker and allows the ninja to win whilst expending minimum energy and exposure to the least amount of danger.

Santo Tonko no Kata

Taijutsu Ukemigata

Togakure ryu Ninja Biken

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