ten chi

This is from the Kata Koto Ryu Ninjutsu Koppo Jutsu Shoden no kata

This is from the Ryu Ha Koto Ryu Ninjutsu

Ten Chi (Heaven And Earth)

Kuden - The reason this technique is called "Heaven And Earth" is because you attack high and then low. The important point of this technique is to use Kakushi Geri (using your toes) so that the Uke cannot see it.

Both you and the Uke begin in Seigan no Kamae (right hand forwards). The Uke attacks with a left Fudo Ken to your face. Step back 45 degrees to the left with the left foot and receive the attack with a right Uke Nagashi. The Uke then attacks with a right Fudo Ken to your face. Step back 45 degrees to the right with the right foot, pull your hips back and lower them and receive the attack with a left Uke Nagashi. Then immediately kick to Suzu with Kakushi Geri (use the side of your big toe / inside edge of the right foot) and at the same time shift your weight to your left leg - this brings the Ukes face forwards. As your right foot comes to the floor, strike the Ukes face with a right Shako Ken (use the thumb to strike Jinchu and the ring and index fingers to strike the eyes. Strike with the tips of the fingers, not the palm of your hand). Return to Seigan no Kamae and Zanshin.

When the icy-eyed man laughs a sword is unsheathed in his heart.