Taiwari Itto

English name One Sword Body Cut

This is from the Kata Togakure ryu Ninja Biken

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Tai Wari Itto (One Sword Body Cut)

The name if this technique means to cut using your whole body. This is more a way of thinking as a strategy rather than a written technique. It is depends on where your cut lands as to what technique you use -this will pretty much determine what form Tai Wari Itto will take. This technique is to use Tai-Sabaki, to use your body to cut with the sword that has already cut into his body, so it is either with a feeling of throwing, dropping or choking the Uke at this point to obtain maximum damage and to remove your sword from the Uke. You can use your hand on the back of the blade to "push" the cut down, or your fingers against the wrist to help the blade bite into the Ukes wrist.

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