sono ku

English name Number 9

This is from the Kata Gyokko Ryu Ninjutsu Kosshijutsu Torite kihon gata

This is from the Ryu Ha Gyokko Ryu Ninjutsu

Short Description Migi Muso Dori (Right Warrior Destroy Capture)

Sono Kyu (No.9) Migi Muso Dori (Right Warrior Destroy Capture)

The Uke grabs the end of your right sleeve. You pull back with the right leg and cover with the left hand to guard against a potential attack. Begin to wrap the Ukes arm with your right arm from above with a big wrapping movement. Also, adjust your feet so that you are on the same line as the Uke. Your hands lock vertically as in a prayer. Your right thumb is on top. This will make a solid lock. Then, pull your right leg back and go onto the right knee while lifting your arms, raising your hands over the right shoulder. This is when you would break the Ukes shoulder. Zanshin.

You only live life once; if you do it right once is enough.