shun u

This is from the Kata Gyokko Ryu Ninjutsu Kosshijutsu Chu ryaku no maki

This is from the Ryu Ha Gyokko Ryu Ninjutsu

Shun U (Falcon Excellence)

This technique means to be swift like a falcon. You use this technique for controlling the Uke at the instant that he tries to draw his sword. What is important here is to thrust into the base of the Ukes nose with a right boshi ken and at the same time press against the grip of his sword with the left hand.

Both clasp both hands in Hanno Hon Itsu Gassho and bow to each other. Then, you stand in Ichimonji no Kamae and the Uke steps back with the right leg and prepares to draw his sword.

As the Uke steps forward with the right leg and begins to draw the sword, step forward with the left foot slightly to the left and stop the sword draw by blocking the sword handle with your left hand and press.

At that instant, the Uke retreats with the left foot. As this happens, take hold of the end of the Ukes sword handle with the left hand and at the same time, step forward with the right foot and strike Uke to Jinchu with a right Boshi Ken.

Pull back with the right leg and take hold of the sword handle with your right hand. Carry on moving back with the right leg and draw the Ukes sword, cutting edge up. Your finishing position should resemble Ichimonji no Kamae with your right hand under your belly button and your left palm supporting the back of the blade. The tip of the sword points to the Ukes stomach.


Never bury corpses in the snow.