English name Break and Knock Down

This is from the Kata Koto Ryu Ninjutsu Koppo Jutsu Shoden no kata

This is from the Ryu Ha Koto Ryu Ninjutsu

Setto (Break and Knock Down)

Kuden - This technique means to take the Uke down diagonally. The important point here is to use use all your body weight for the strike into

The Uke grabs your lapel with his right hand. Cover the back of the Ukes right hand lightly with your left hand. Shift to the left with your left foot and strike to right arm Jakkin with a right Omote Shuto (Jakkin is located at the base of the bicep just above the crease of the arm - called Jyaku Kotsu / Hoshishita also) - this will open up the Ukes right side ribs. Then twist your hips clockwise and lean slightly towards the Uke as you strike with a left Boshi Ken to the Ukes right side Butsumetsu. Return to Seigan no Kamae and Zanshin.

If the Uke has not let go of your lapel, the strike again to Jakkin with Fudo Ken to break the Ukes elbow. Also, Boshi Ken can be weak if the strike is not conditioned, if this is the case, replace this strike with Shikan Ken.

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