Paul Stoke Dojo of the Stoke on trent Dojo

Personal Achievements

Paul Stoke Dojo is as humble as the next person, he has nothing to prove and seeks only to give back to Ninjutsu in the same way it has helped him over the years. He says "I am always a student first and a teacher second, I have much to learn from my instructors and the many great people in the world with martial arts knowledge and may that always be the case".

Paul states "I honestly believe hand on heart that I give my students the best Ninjutsu training possible as they deserve no less."

Paul has trained in martial arts since the age of 9 - beginning with Uchi Ryu Karate - under Sensei Jimmy Hulse.

At age 14 he began training in Shukokai Karate with Instructors (Dave Grice, Paul Walters and then John Murphy) - At the age of 15 he was the national fighting (Kumite) champion of the BIKA organisation for his age group, and won several kata tournaments - again for his age group.

He studied kick boxing up to coach level, and worked as a door supervisor from the age of 16 until the age of 18 at Shelley's Nightclub in Stoke-on-Trent.

Paul studied Shotokan Karate for a short while at the University of Portsmouth and coached the fighting team there.

At 18 years old while studying for a computing degree (BSc) at the University of Portsmouth (1992) he began to study Ninjutsu with Mark Lutman. Paul stayed in (or around) Portsmouth for 9 years in order to continue his Ninjutsu study even after leaving University. In 1999 he was awarded Shodan (Black belt) at the Hombu Dojo by Peter Brown Sensei. He says "I was very fortunate to meet and train with Tanemura Sensei and Stephen K.Hayes Sensei during this time as well as the excellent tuition from Mark Lutman Sensei and Peter Brown Sensei."

During this time he often worked in security and attended any security training or close protection training going. Paul worked for a short time with Pinkertons Security UK, he worked at the Cascades in Portsmouth and with various agencies.

In 2001 Paul returned to his home town of Stoke-on-Trent and with the permission of Mark Lutman Sensei began a small study group which progressed into the class it is today. Starting out at village halls and sports halls until it progressed to a dedicated full time dojo that exists today.

By 2011 Paul was a Sandan (3rd Dan) and was awarded "Hanshi" (Master Teacher) status by Peter Brown Sensei at the Honbu Dojo. Paul is very serious about the continued progress of his students and has trained several students to black belt level. He has attained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and Level 2 Sports coach award to advance his teaching skills.

Paul says "Training with the Shinobi Kai has given me many opportunities that would not have been available in any other organisation giving me a unique training experience with both old (Historic) and new (Goshin or applied Ninjutsu- there is no "new" Ninjutsu as such) Ninjutsu, I have been allowed to train with the Bujinkan, the Genbukan, To-Shin do and other martial arts without any politics or prejudice. You could say I have had the best of all that Ninjutsu can offer as I've dabbled in many areas with many very knowledgeable people. Not many people have had the very fortunate opportunity to study Bujinkan Ninjutsu , Genbukan Ninjutsu, To-shin do and other Martial arts concurrently."

Paul likes to study all areas of the art of Ninjutsu but specialises in "Goshin" or street self defence. He often travels to Basingstoke and Brighton to continue his training with his instructors.

(Interview with Paul Stoke Dojo by Ben Lee)