History of the Ninja Martial Art

In an era more than eight centuries ago Japan was composed of many independent feudal states. As warlords struggled to gain power, war was frequent, with many losses on all sides. One Samurai, DAISUKE NISHINA, disenchanted with war and the seemingly never ending wasting of life left the fields of war and retreated into the mountains. His aim was to leave behind the death and destruction of war, and to find peace for himself. Whilst living in the mountains he came across the warrior priest, KAIN DOSHI.

With the new understanding of life and religion he gained from Doshi, he decided to spend his days living in the remote mountain area. During this time Japan underwent a form of unification, and the ruling warlords decided to assist in this unification everyone should follow the same religion. Those refusing to change their religion were persecuted and many fled to the hills. Those that stayed were "convinced" of the wisdom in accepting another religious principle. Soon word spread of those in the hills following an alternative religion, and it was decided that those people also should be converted. During this time Doshi and Nishina, being worldly wise, had foreseen this and had trained all refugees in the fighting system they had created. And so were born the YAMABUSHI, the mountain warriors.

Many years passed before the Yamabushi became known as NINJA. Because of their total split with society the Ninja families went underground, and to counter-act the constant harassment they formed various strategies, from spy networks, to disguise and of course assassination. These were naturally for their own defence and survival. What better way of defending yourself than knowing when and where your enemy would attack? If you know the enemy army is larger than your own, better fed, better armed, and you have little chance of defeating him in open warfare, then why not assassinate the leaders of the opposing army. An army with no generals has no direction, after all.

Soon the feuding warlords saw the advantage of having these resources for their own use, and the Ninja families began to be employed by the SHOGUN to help his personal disputes. Nishina had by now returned to the place of his birth, The Togakure village and to celebrate being "born again" took the name of the village as his own. So was born The Togakure system of Ninjutsu.