18 Disciplines

1) Seishin teki kyoyo - Spiritual refinement
Work on knowing yourself through life experience and meditation
Find your strengths and weaknesses".
Strengthen your mind as well as your body.
Learn to evaluate situations - not everything is as it seems (see NLP - Maps of the world)
Look into philosophy, psychology and morality.
2) Tai Jutsu - Body art - using the body as a weapon
Learn striking and kicking - daken taijutsu
Learn grappling and throwing - jutai jutsu
Learn ground fighting, choking, escaping holds
Learn rolls, leaping silent movement and tumbling taihen jutsu / kaiten
Learn to deal with multiple attackers
3) Ninja Ken - Sword of the Ninja
Learn to draw the sword in various ways including at speed, low light conditions etc
Learn to fence - fight with the sword - against various armed attackers
4) Bo-jutsu - Staff fighting
Learn the use of sticks, clubs and staffs of various length
Learn to use whatever is around you.
Learn the use of Shinobi-zue - staffs with hidden blades, chains or darts.
5) Shuriken-jutsu - Throwing blades
Learn to throw blades, 4 pointed (senban)
Learn to throw bo shuriken - spikes
6)Yari-jutsu - Spear fighting - sojutsu
Learn spear and lance weapons
Learn the kama-yari - sickle lance
7)Naginata-jutsu - Sword blade mounted on a pole
Learn Naginata
Learn Bison - to
Learn how to smash armour and mounted attackers
8)Kusari-Gama - Chain and sickle
Learn about chain weapons
9)Kayaku-jutsu - Fire and explosives
Learn the dangers of fire and explosives
10)Henso jutsu - Disguise and impersonation
Learn about disguise and impersonation.
11)Shinobi-iri - Stealth and entering
Learn silent movement
Learn breaking and entering
Learn entry and escape methods
12)Ba-jutsu - Horsemanship
Learn to ride a horse
Learn mounted combat
13)Sui-ren - Water training
Learn to swim
Learn about boats and floats
Learn about combat in water
 14)Bo-ryaku – Strategy
Lean battle and military tactics
Learn to use unknowing people / soldiers in your plans
15)Cho-ho Espionage
Learn to locate and recruit spies
Learn the skills of espionage
16)Inton-jutsu - Escape and concealment
Learn to use nature to cover your movements
Learn to use the goton po - five elements of escape
17)Ten-mon - Meteorology
Learn to forecast the weather
Learn about seasonal difference
Learn to make use of you ten-mon
18)Chi-mon - Geography
Know the features of the land
Plan your actions with geography in mind.