What is Ninpo? Is it another name for Ninjutsu?

Some people have stated that Ninpo is just another name for Ninjutsu and that some people use the term ninpo to distance themselves from Hatsumi Sensei or Tanemura Sensei and the Ninjutsu art of the Ninja.

The correct use of Ninpo to my knowledge (as used by Hatsumi Sensei and Tamemura Sensei) is its a higher order of Ninjutsu. If you consider Ninjutsu as the physical art, Ninpo is the spiritual refinement, the strategy, the mind set, the deeper meaning of the art. Ninpo is part of ninjutsu and ninjutsu is part of ninpo but they are not the same. If Ninjutsu were a mountain, ninpo would be the cloud about it.