What is Ninjutsu?

Ninjutsu is a martial art or self defence system used by people to protect them from danger. Its prime goal is to enable the practitioner to survive and win. (Survive as in the most natural instinct of any living being to stay alive and win as in to achieve and be successful). Ninjutsu teaches you what to do in dangerous situations that may arise and try to harm you. A high proportion of the scenarios we run are based around other people trying to harm you. So we work on how to deal with punches, kicks, knife attacks, bottle attacks... you get the idea. There are other dangers in life and we can run scenarios for these as well. Ninjutsu has many elements to it. For example we may practice exercises to make the practitioner mentally stronger so that your mind is not under attack from verbal bullying. We may do some meditation exercises so that you have ways of dealing with your inner feelings and "demons". We teach a range of weapon schools so that Ninjutsu practitioners have a respect for weapons and understand them. We run scenarios to deal with armed attackers, multiple attackers and situations that require control and restraint.

Who is Ninjutsu for?

Ninjutsu is for anyone who will benefit from the classes. We instruct men and women of any age. In Stoke we even have an under 18s class. You don’t need to be fit, flexible, fast, young or already skilled in martial arts to begin your training. You will need to be open to new ideas, being tenacious really helps (students that turn up to lessons week in, week out, learn the most, progress the fastest and in the end succeed) and a willingness to learn new things is essential.

Learn Ninjutsu from the Shinobi-Kai