Migi uchi Tonso

English name Right Hand Strike Escape and Run Form

This is from the Kata Santo Tonko no Kata

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Migi Uchi Tonso no Kata (Right Hand Strike Escape and Run Form)

The Uke is in Seigan no Kamae with a sword. Stand in Hachimonji no Kamae or Happogakure no Kamae (left hand forward). The Uke thrusts at you with the sword. At the instant the Uke starts to thrust, push off with the back foot and leap forward to the right (180 degrees to the inside of the Uke). When you land, the left hand grabs the end of the Tsuka (sword handle) and the right hand strikes down to the Ukes left Hoshi. Pull the sword away from the Uke with your left hand and at the same time, take out Metsubushi with the right. Throw the Metsubushi to the Ukes eyes and finish by holding the sword in such a way that the tip is pointed towards the Uke and then Zanshin.

Force binds for a time, education binds forever.