Migi Seigan no Kamae

English name Right Correct Eye Posture

This is from the Kata Koto Moto Gata

This is from the Ryu Ha Koto Ryu Ninjutsu

Migi Seigan no kamae (Right Correct Eye Posture)

From Hira no Kamae step back with the left foot. The feet are approximately 2 Vi to 3 feet apart with about a 1 inch gap between. The front foot (right) is angled very slightly to the left. This is not noticable to the Uke. The back foot (left) points 45 degrees to the rear. Lower your centre of gravity as much as is comfortable (this takes time). Your knees should hide your feet if you are looking down (important point). Make sure the knees are not buckling inwards to take the strain. This will hurt initially but the pain is temporary and, if practiced correctly, will build strong legs. This is an important point. Your back needs to be straight. Make sure your backside is not sticking out. This is a common mistake and should be corrected from the start. Keep your shoulders relaxed and do not hunch them. Your right arm is slightly bent at the elbow and held out to the front with your fingers pointing towards the Ukes eyes. The fingers are together. Do not open them. The left hand is held in the shape of a Shuto fist and is held just above your left bicep with your palm facing your face. Remember, keep the shoulders relaxed. Your neck and head are straight and relaxed and pointing towards the opponent. Do not tilt your head to the side. This is a common mistake and should be corrected from the start. Fix your eyes on the Uke. Take all tension out of your body and relax. This is Migi (right) Seigan no Kamae.


Stare into the Ukes eyes with the intention of using your will to

make the Uke do as you wish.

Migi Seigan no kamae

The Uke and the Tori are in Seigan no Kamae (right hand forward). The Uke punches with a left Fudo Ken to the face. At the point when the Uke has committed to the attack, step off 45 degrees with the left foot and receive the attack with Uke Nagashi with the right forearm -this is to use your forearm to allow the attack to flow past you without striking the arm. The feeling is of pulling the attack past you. When you have done this, step in with the left foot (directly between the Ukes legs) and drop your hips - and at the same time strike to right side Uko (neck) with a left Omote Shuto to knock the Uke down in a straight line. Return to Seigan no Kamae and Zanshin.

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