English name Eye Crush

This is from the Kata Togakure ryu Ninja Biken

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Me-Tsubushi (Eye Crush)

The Metsubushi is made by removing the contents of an egg by piercing the top and bottom and blowing the contents out. The egg is the half filled with things such as iron filings, ground chilli, ground pepper and various abrasives - this would have depended on what the Ninja had available to him at the time. The Metsubushi was also kept in the bottom of the Ninja-To Scabbard.

The first technique means to make the Uke flinch by using Metsubushi, and then to cut the Uke down. Begin from Shizen Tai with the left foot forward with the sword un-drawn. The reason for standing like this is so that the Uke cannot see you removing the Metsubushi from your jacket. At the moment the Uke attacks, crush the egg in your hand and throw the Metsubushi - palm up - so that it creates a belt of Metsubushi in the air. Then, you must wait for the perfect opportunity to either attack the Uke with any of the techniques that you have studied, or to escape with Goton no Jutsu. (there will be a separate Densho on this subject - it is too vast to go into here).

The second methods is as follows: After removing the Metsubushi, transfer the Metsubushi to the left hand - and draw the sword with the right hand. Stand in Daijodan no Kamae with the Metsubushi in the left hand. Throw as in the last technique but with the palm down. The rest is the same.

For the third technique, you stand in Kocho no Kamae (posture the same as in Ichi no Kamae, sword is in the left hand similar to Kasumi no Kamae, but with the tip of the sword pointing to the Ukes eyes. The Saya (scabbard) is held at about 2/3 the way down straight in front of you at a slight angle - the Koiguchi slightly higher than the base of the Saya. If there is 1 or 2 enemies in front of you, Make an arc as though cutting with the Saya to create a belt of Metsubushi in front of the enemies and then either attack with any of the techniques you have learned, or escape with Goton no Jutsu. If you have one enemy to the front and one enemy to the rear, create a belt of Metsubushi to the front and cut, then, create a belt of Metsubushi to the rear and either cut or escape with Goton no Jutsu. These last techniques are called Itto Ryu Ninjutsudan

(Cutting The Gordian Knot).

Remember, the important point of using Metsubushi is to wait until the Uke is about to attack - his eyes will be at their widest at that point. Also be aware of the direction of the wind before using these techniques - position yourself with the wind at your back. - This is the use of Tenmon (Heaven"s strategies).

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