Koto Ryu Ninjutsu

Translated as the Chinese Hand skill of Tiger attack this ryu teaches us the koppojutsu or bone breaking methods employed in ninjutsu. The Kuden (oral tradition) at Koto Ryu Ninjutsu say that a monk named Chan Busho travelled from Korea to Japan bringing with him the concept of Koppojutsu - the study of bone breaking and weak points. The system was passed from master to student until it passed to Momochi Sandayu. It stayed in his family until 1624 when it passed to the Toda family, Toda Shinryuken passed it to Takamatsu Toshitsugu his grandson. Takamatsu passed it on to Hatsumi Masaaki which brings us to the present day. Momochi Sandayu"s famous student Ishitrawa Goemon became known as a Japanese Robinhood. He also attempted to kill the famed leader Hideyoshi, but with no success.

Koto Moto Gata

Koto Ryu Ninjutsu Koppo Jutsu Chuden no kata

Koto Ryu Ninjutsu Koppo Jutsu Hekito no kata

Koto Ryu Ninjutsu Koppo Jutsu Okuden no kata

Koto Ryu Ninjutsu Koppo Jutsu Shoden no kata

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