Koteuchi Tonso

English name Wrist Strike Escape and Run Form

This is from the Kata Santo Tonko no Kata

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Kote Uchi Tonso no Kata (Wrist Strike Escape and Run Form)

The Uke is in Dai Jodan no Kamae with a sword. Stand in Hachimonji no Kamae (left hand forward). At the instant the Uke starts to cut, push off with the back foot and leap forward to the left (to the outside of the Uke). When you land, strike down with a right Shuto to Nagare (top of the right forearm). This will make the Uke drop the sword. Then, twist your hips counter clockwise and either, drop to your right knee and strike to Butsumetsu with Shikan Ken, or, slam the spikes of the Shuko into Butsumetsu (like a slapping motion). Then, throw Metsubushi, then leap away to the left side and use Mokuton no Jutsu - this is to use a tree for concealment and/or to use the tree as a barrier between you and the Uke. Keep your posture high and be ready to throw Shuriken (Zanshin).

The pine tree lives a hundred years, the morning glory but one day, yet fulfill their destiny.