ko yoku

English name Resist and scoop

This is from the Kata Koto Ryu Ninjutsu Koppo Jutsu Shoden no kata

This is from the Ryu Ha Koto Ryu Ninjutsu

Koyoku (Resist And Scoop)

Kuden - The technique means to deny the the Uke an attack. The Densho says the throw can be of any type.

Both you and the Uke begin in Seigan no Kamae (left hand forwards). The Uke attacks with a right Fudo Ken to your face. Step off to the right with the right foot and receive the attack with a left Uke Nagashi. Then immediately strike to the Ukes right side Kimon with a right Fudo Ken (twist your hips counter-clockwise for this). Then bring your right foot forwards to ajust your distance to enter into Ganseki Nage - at the same time wrap the Ukes right arm from below with your left (at the point just above the Ukes elbow). Then pass your left leg through the Ukes legs (the back of your thigh should be in contact with the Ukes right leg). Lastly, twist your hips clockwise to throw the Uke with Ganseki Nage. Back to Seigan no Kamae and Zanshin.

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