Kage no Itto

English name Shadow of a Sword

This is from the Kata Togakure ryu Ninja Biken

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Kage no Itto (Shadow of a Sword)

This technique is for drawing the sword when there is either an obstacle or a person between you and the Uke. It was also used for when the Ninja wanted to draw the sword in a narrow space, or when the Ninja was against a wall. Drawing in this way will keep you hidden and in the shadows. This is used as a strategy in this method. Please keep this in mind when training this technique. You begin from Shizen Tai. Step to the left and pull the Saya sword out to the left with the left hand. Then, push the Saya to the right across your small of your back with your left hand, so the tsuka is to the right with the tsuba by your right hip. Place your right palm onto the tsuka with the palm facing back. Turn the tsuka 360 degrees clockwise (use the skin between your thumb and index finger called Yahazu for this - do not grasp the tsuka) and bring the sword up over your right shoulder to draw and cut.

This requires a great deal of flexibility in your wrists, so please bear this in mind when training - there is no way around it, so concentrate on gaining flexibility in your wrists.

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