Kaeshi dori

English name Counter Capture

This is from the Kata Taijutsu Ukemigata

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Kaeshi Dori (Counter Capture)

Begin in Ichi no Kamae. The Uke begins in Daijodan no Kamae. As the Uke cuts in with Kara Take Wari, step slightly forwards and to the left with the left foot and drop down to the floor onto the right knee. Place your hands either side of the Ukes right foot, or strike to the foot with the back of the right Shuko. The moment you hit the floor, this should happen all at once. From this position, rebound and leap into the air and simultaneously kick the Uke to Suigetsu with Ryote Sokugyaku Geri (double kick to stomach with the toes) and strike /slap to the Ukes face with the Shuko. Land and immediately roll backwards to a position of safety and return to Ichi no Kamae. Zanshin. A couple of important points to learn is the correct distance for entering in - you need to be at a distance where the Uke cannot counter cut - so position yourself so you can control the Ukes hands with your shoulder if necessary. It is also fine to move to the right of the Uke in this form. Same technique - only this time step to the right with the right foot, drop down to the left knee and hands to the floor in between his feet. Lastly, keep in mind that you can pick up dirt as you drop down and use it as Metsubushi.

The first rule of Ninjutsu is dont get hit!!! The second rule is dont forget the first rule.