Itto nage

English name One Sword Throw

This is from the Kata Togakure ryu Ninja Biken

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Itto Nage (One Sword Throw)

The techniques name means to throw your sword. This technique is for when you are in a desperate situation of which there is no other way out, and you have to take a life. There is no real form to this technique - and it is to be practiced from all of the Kamae. The optimum distance to throw your sword effectively is about 6 metres away from the target. The idea is to throw the sword straight ahead. You should practice against an inanimate object and concentrate on when is the best point to release the sword to make it fly straight at the target. It is the same principal as Shurikenjutsu. To clarify, if you are in Gedan no Kamae or Tosui no Kamae, you throw from where the sword position is - so you throw the sword up and out. If you are in Seigan no Kamae, Chudan no Kamae or Ichi no Kamae, then it is more like throwing it straight out. Hasso no Kamae is almost like cutting and letting go at the optimum time. Kasumi no Kamae would be to throw the sword in a similar manner of doing a Shuto fist strike. You get the idea. This technique requires long practice, and also requires good Taijutsu.

Revenge has a long memory.