Itto giri

English name One Sword Cut

This is from the Kata Togakure ryu Ninja Biken

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Itto-Giri (One Sword Cut) With Shuko

The important point of this technique is how to hold the sword and how to cut with the sword whilst wearing Shuko. Instead of grasping the sword handle with your fingers, use the hooks of the Shuko instead. Begin in Bikenjutsu Seigan no Kamae (refer to the Ninja Biken Densho for precise information on this Kamae). The Uke begins in Dai Jodan no Kamae. As the Uke cuts with Kara Take Wari, drop to the left knee and cut with Gyaku Do Giri to the Ukes right side. Zanshin.

Itto Giri (One Sword Kill) with Sword

This technique means to cut down the Uke with one cut. You start in Seigan no Kamae, the Uke is in Dai Jodan no Kamae. The Uke cuts down. The idea of this technique is to let the Ukes attack sail past your right side as you step forwards to the left with the left foot with a feeling of brushing past him - do not stop his attack, this is an important point of this technique. As you evade, slice the Ukes side with a stabbing motion by turning your wrists slightly anti-clockwise to present the edge of the blade to the Ukes side, and don"t stop until you are clear of the Uke. If you wish, you can also turn the blade over so that the tsuka is in front and slice the Ukes side with a feeling of pushing the blade through, and using the sword in the crook of your right arm to help the push. It is important to have your elbows at a distance so that if you need to control the Uke, you can, but do not stop the Uke with your elbows - remember, the feeling of brushing past him, not stopping him.

The other way of performing this technique is to drop to your left knee as the Uke cuts, then turn your wrists counter-clockwise and cut with Gyaku Kesa Giri - then stand up immediately and continue to thrust through the Uke as in the last form. This variation could be used if it is not possible to run straight past the Uke - maybe there is an obstacle in the way. So by dropping to the knee and cutting with Gyaku Kesa Giri, you are moving the Uke to your right side to prepare for the finish.

This technique would be useful for fighting multiple enemies.

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