Ichi no Kamae

English name Number one posture

This is from the Kata Taijutsu Ukemigata

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Ichi no Kamae (No. One Posture)

The feeling with this technique is of not letting the Uke approach. Use this technique to practice striking the Uke with Shuto Ken.

Begin in Ichi no Kamae. The Uke begins in Daijodan no Kamae. As the Uke cuts with Kara Take Wari, leap left or right past the Ukes sword using Taihen Jutsu and land to strike with either Ura Shuto or Omote Shuto

if you are in Ichi no Kamae with left foot forwards, leap in to the left with the left foot forwards, and at the same time bring the left Shuko to the Ukes hands to cover from counter attack and strike the Ukes right Kasumi or Uko with a right Ura Shuto.

If you are in Ichi no Kamae with the right foot forwards, use Marutobi (circular leaping) by springing off the left foot (back foot) in a clockwise direction to the left (Ukes right side). As you do this, the right Shuko covers from potential attack and the left strikes with Omote Shuto to either Kasumi or Uko.

From there leap back into Ichi no Kamae and then Zanshin. Remember, there are 4 strikes to train in total.

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