ichi monji no kamae

English name Figure One Posture

This is from the Kata Gyokko Ryu Ninjutsu Kosshijutsu Tai hen jutsu

This is from the Ryu Ha Gyokko Ryu Ninjutsu

Ichimonji no Kamae (Figure One Posture) Taihen Jutsu Kata

Stand in Ichimonji no Kamae. The Uke Stands in Dai Jodan no Kamae. The Uke cuts down. Begin to roll past the Uke with Katate Zenpo Kaiten (45 degreed forward). You must time this well. Come up from the roll immediately and prepare to lunge at the Uke. Even if the Uke turns to face you and lifts the sword into Dai Jodan no Kamae, this is OK. Whilst leaping into a kneeling position, strike with Shito Ken either to Butsumetsu if you roll behind the Uke, or Suigetsu if you roll in front of the uke. Zanshin.

Migi Ichimonji no Kamae (Right Figure One Posture) Moto Gata

The Uke and the Tori are both in Ichimonji no Kamae. The Uke attacks with Fudo Ken to Men (head). You avoid this by stepping back 45/90 degrees with the right foot and by dropping your hips. You receive the attack with Jodan Uke to Hoshi (strike with the knuckles underneath the elbow). Raise the hips and prepare to strike the Uke with Omote Shuto. Also prepare to use the back foot to propel you and add momentum to your movement. Using the momentum created by the back foot, move in to strike the Uke to Uko with Omote Shuto. As you hit the Uke, turn your body in with the strike to increase the power created. Return to Ichimonji no Kamae and maintain Zanshin.

Hidari Ichimonji no Kamae (Left Figure One Posture) This is the same as the last technique, but done on the left.

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