Hiryu no Ken

English name Flying Dragon Sword

This is from the Kata Togakure ryu Ninja Biken

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Hi-Ryu Ninjutsu no Ken (Flying Dragon Sword)

This techniques name refers to the way a mythical dragon circles through the air. This technique is to spin the Ukes sword up and then to cut him.

The Uke faces you in Seigan no Kamae, and you begin in Ichi no Kamae. Lunge in and knock the Ukes sword to the left to take it off¬line. While keeping contact with the sword make 3 large circles counter-clockwise (this is called Maki Age), using the body, knees and arms to compensate for the short length of the Togakure blade. At the end of the third circle, flick the Ukes sword away using the momentum that you have created. This will put the Uke off balance, and at that point, cut with Kesa Giri or Do Giri, attacking the Ukes right side. Repeat this on the other side also, knocking the sword to the right, making three circles clockwise and finishing with a cut to the Ukes left side. This is the form. In a real confrontation, it would be one circle and then cut. The important point is to learn how to flick the Ukes sword away and to cut within the same movement. It is also important to learn how to use the back of the blade when making the circles, to avoid damaging your cutting edge.

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