Hira Ichimonji no kamae

English name Flat Figure one posture

This is from the Kata Koto Moto Gata

This is from the Ryu Ha Koto Ryu Ninjutsu

Hira Ichimonji no kamae (Flat Figure One Posture)

From Hira no Kamae step out to the side so that the feet are open slightly over shoulder width apart. Drop your weight a little to unlock the knees. The arms are held horizontally out to your sides with your elbows unlocked. The hands are held out in the shape of a Shuto, and slightly forward and raised to roughly the level of your eyes - you should just about see them in your peripheral vision. Your neck and head are straight and facing forwards. Take all the tension out of your body.

A variation of this Kamae is the same as above with the difference being you left foot resting on the inside of your right calf.


The feeling of this Kamae is either gently wrapping the Uke up,

allowing the Ukes force to go by, or confining the Ukes


Hira Ichimonji no kamae (Flat Figure One Posture)

The Uke is in Seigan no Kamae (left hand forward). Stand in Hira Ichimonji no Kamae. The Uke punches with a right Fudo Ken to the face. At the point when the Uke has committed to the attack, step to the left side with the left foot (very slightly forward), rotate your hips clockwise and strike the Ukes right elbow with either a left Omote Shuto or a left Happa Ken (strike horizontally & push down slightly to take balance). At the same time, bring the right hand over head to prepare for Ura Shuto. Step in with the right foot (to the front of the Ukes right foot) and strike down to the back of the Ukes neck with a right Ura Shuto. Zanshin.

Do on both sides.

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