Hidariude Tonso

English name Left Armed Escape and Run Form

This is from the Kata Santo Tonko no Kata

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Hidari Ude Tonso no Kata (Left Armed Escape and Run Form)

The Uke grabs your left wrist with his left hand. Both Uke and Tori enter into Hachimonji no Kamae (instead of making a fist with the rear hand, open it flat so that your palm is towards the Ukes face). The Uke either tries to pull you towards him, or, you pull the Uke towards you - both ways are correct. Imbed the spikes of the Shuko into the Ukes wrist and enter into Take Ori as you are about to put the technique on him (as you put on Take Ori). This is the form -

Either the Uke or the Tori Pulls with 3 shuffle steps to the rear. On the third step, raise the Ukes wrist with Take Ori and kick with the left foot to the Ukes Suigetsu (stomach) and at the same time grab the Ukes elbow with your right hand. Your left foot then lands to the back of the Ukes left foot and you pull the Ukes arm to the rear to take balance at the same time. Drop to your knee and pull the Ukes arm down to throw the Uke onto his back Then immediately stand up and take your Metsubushi, crush and then throw it at the Ukes eyes. Lastly, leap back with Chi Tobi and escape using Doton no Jutsu (in these cases, that means lying face down on the ground). Zanshin.

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