hi cho

English name Flying Bird Posture

This is from the Kata Gyokko Ryu Ninjutsu Kosshijutsu Moto gata

This is from the Ryu Ha Gyokko Ryu Ninjutsu

Migi Hicho no Kamae ( Right Flying Bird Posture)

Stand in Hicho no Kamae. The Uke is in Ichimonji no Kamae. The Uke begins to attack with Fudo Ken to Suigetsu. Raise your fist in preparation to receive the attack. Either you parry the arm or strike to Nagare (straight down). Then, kick with the raised leg to Suigetsu.

At this point, either place the kicking leg down and prepare to strike with Ura Shuto (left hand in a fist by your right ear as if you were holding a telephone with the wrong hand), or, leap around with the legs, again, in preperation for the Ura Shuto. The leading leg lands slightly to the outside. As you strike the Uke to Uko with Ura Shuto, drop the hips. Return to Ichimonji no Kamae. Zanshin.

Hidari Hicho no Kamae (Left Flying Bird Posture) This is the same as the last technique, but done on the left.

Learning is acquired by the student; his teacher can only lead him to the door.