Happo Kirigakure

English name All Directions Cloud Hiding Form

This is from the Kata Santo Tonko no Kata

This is from the Ryu Ha Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu

Hap-po Kiri-gakure no Kata (All Directions Cloud Hiding Form)

You are surrounded by 3 enemies to the front, and 2 to the rear. They all have swords and are in any Kamae. You are in Tonso no Kamae. Take out Senban and throw one at each of the enemy to the front. The 2 enemies to the rear attack in response to this. Immediately throw Metsubushi to the rear. After this drop to 1 knee and throw Senban in all directions until you see an opening. At that moment escape using Ukemi/kaiten and then use Mokuton no Jutsu -this is to use a tree for concealment and/or to use the tree as a barrier between you and the Uke. Keep your posture high and be ready to throw Shuriken (Zanshin).

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