Gyokko Ryu Ninjutsu Kosshijutsu Torite kihon gata

These techniques are for the purpose of practising the basic joint locks as well as the circular movement which is characteristic of the Gyokko Ryu Ninjutsu. If your opponent is strong, use your body more effectively by dropping your weight. You do not need the opponent to let go of the jacket for you to be able to do the techniques. You begin from Shizen Tai.

In the Torite Kihon Gata, there are no official names for the Kata. They have become known by the first names listed here. They could also be called number one (Sono ichi), number two (sono) etc.

sono ichi

sono ni

sono san

sono yon

sono go

sono roku

sono shichi

sono hachi

sono ku

sono ju


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