Bobi no Kamae

English name Defensive Posture

This is from the Kata Koto Moto Gata

This is from the Ryu Ha Koto Ryu Ninjutsu

Bobi no kamae (Defensive Posture)

This Kamae from the hips down is the same as Seigan no Kamae (right hand forwards). Your right hand is in Shuto held straight out towards the Uke (slight bend in the elbow to unlock the arm and the tips of the fingers are on the line of sight to the Ukes heart). Your left hand is in Fudo Ken and is placed at your left hip. Your upper body can either be side on or straight on to the Uke. Keep your head forwards.

Kuden - Stare into the Ukes eyes with a powerfull feeling of either sweeping away attacks from the Uke, or of smashing the Uke apart with the rear hand.

Bobi no kamae (Defensive Posture)

You are in Bobi no Kamae (right hand forwards). The Uke is in Seigan no Kamae (right hand forward). The Uke punches with a left Fudo Ken to either the face or the chest. Step out to the left with the left foot and sweep away the Ukes attack with Uke Nagashi. Now, depending on the distance there are 2 ways of doing the next movement. If the Uke is close, turn your hips clockwise and punch the Ukes Suigetsu with a left Fudo Ken. If the Uke is not in range for this, then step in with the left foot and punch the Ukes Suigetsu with a left Fudo Ken.

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