English name Removal Technique

This is from the Kata Koto_ryu_koppo_jutsu_shoden_no_kata

This is from the Ryu Ha Koto Ryu Ninjutsu

Batsugi (Removal Technique)

Kuden - The name of this technique means to draw the Uke out. The important point of this technique is to twist clockwise to take the hand in Omote Gyaku, and counter clockwise to strike with Goshi Ken.

The Uke grabs your lapel with his right hand. Place your left thumb on the back of his hand (to the point called Omote Gyaku) and your left hand fingers around the hand lightly. Step to the right with your right foot, twist your hips clockwise, and press into the Kyusho on the back of the hand and remove the Ukes hand from your lapel (keep hold of the Ukes hand). The immediately twist your hips counter clockwise, shift your weight to your left, and strike the left side of the Ukes face with the tips of your right hands fingers (Goshi Ken - to the eye and cheek area) (Keep control of the Ukes right hand). Then move off to the left with the right foot in Yoko Aruki - bring your right hand to the other side of the Ukes right hand and push the Ukes right hand down vertically whilst dropping the hips - finish this movement by continuing the Yoko Aruki with the left foot to the left (the Uke hits the floor within this movement -let him fall, do not keep hold of the hand. At this point it will be broken anyway). Then return to Seigan no Kamae and Zanshin.

The last step of Yoko Aruki can be the step taking you back into Seigan no Kamae also.

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