Shinobi Kai Stoke

Welcome to Ninpo Taijutsu.

Classes are Thursday 7pm to 9pm - £5 per lesson - Over 18s ONLY - Please wear loose fitting clothes / sports clothes for first lessons

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Learn self defence in a safe and friendly environment while at the same time reaching your fitness goals. Practicing Martial Arts will help with your stamina levels, help with body tone, enable you to lose weight and learn to protect yourself at the same time.Our classes are taught by highly qualified instructors who are security checked, fully insured and are graded to a very high standard. All students are invited to national seminars, grading (belt test) sessions three times a year and our unique tournaments the "yamabushi games"

About Us

The Shinobi-Kai Stoke Dojo was first formed in 2001 and has been on the Stoke-on-Trent martial arts map ever since. We have produced many fine martial artisits, many graded to black belt standard. .

Find Us

We are in an undisclosed location in Stoke-on-Trent near Junction 15 of the M6 - Text 07903 431592 or email ( us for the full address



Classes are for over 18s only:-

Ju-Tai Jutsu self defence training, learn how to defend yourself with our tradtional fighting techniques passed from Master to student over the last 900 years. We will teach you striking, kicking, hitting, blocking, grappling, ground fighting, throwing and much more.


Goto to book your place and find out more ..

Am I fit enough to train in the classes?

Yes we will of course chat to you about any needs or medical issues you may have to keep you safe but the training is designed to suit everyone by offering a variety of options.

Is the training safe?
The priniple of any Martial Art should be to keep you safe and out of harms way, even during training.
Am I too old to start?
You are never to old to begin Martial arts, and previous knowledge and any wisdom and life experience you have will be of benefit.
What can I learn?

Ju-Tai Jutsu - Grappling and standing combat, Daken-Tai Jutsu - Striking, kicking and hitting, Koppo Jutsu - Bone breaking (your attackers), Koshi Jutsu - Damaging an attackers muscles, Muto Dori - Taking weapons off people, Kaitan and Ukemi - Break falls and rolls, Tai-jutsu - Using the body as a weapon, Body Conditioning, Fight Science, Weapon training



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